Warriors of the Drexian Academy


“Break their rules at your peril…”

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Book cover of Legacy by Tana Stone


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The Drexian Academy has four schools and four rules.

Beware of the Assassins.
Don’t cross the Blades.
Trust the Irons.
The Wings go as one.

Break them at your peril.

Ariana is the first human instructor at the Drexian Academy and the first female to teach flight to cocky cadets. She’s the best Earth has to offer with a lot to prove. But it will take more than being the best to survive the secret requirements, unwritten rules, and ancient traditions of the alien military training school.

Volten lacks the one thing Drexians value most—a proud and respected clan. He’s risen to the position of flight instructor at the academy without a lineage to speak of, but not without paying a steep price. One thing he doesn’t count on as he ascends the ranks is the beautiful human pilot who might threaten everything that’s within his grasp.

Within the dark walls of the school lie secrets that could tear both pilots’ worlds apart. Beyond the stone towers and cruel spires are dangers neither could imagine. Will these wings go as one. . . risk it all to break the rules. . . or break each other?

Legacy is the first book in the Warriors of the Drexian Academy series, contains an HEA, and will leave you wanting more.


“Great kicka$$ ladies, and swoon-worthy mancandy.”

Book cover of Legacy by Tana Stone


Available now!

An Assassin and a Blade.
A human and a Drexian.
High-born and working class.
Will choosing each other be our ruin?

The cocky, high-born cadet is everything I despise and nothing I need. So why did I agree to his deal

Because it wasn’t a deal, it was blackmail. The arrogant Drexian gave me the choice—throw my friends under the bus or tutor him. Easy choice, even if I suspect he wants more from me than my brains.